Sunday, 23 April 2017

Vashti's Quiet Book - My Sister's Pages

These are the super cute quiet book pages that my sister made for her daughter Vashti!

A caterpillar...

There is a light green peek-a-boo leaf on the top...

And a pocket for the pieces behind the darker middle leaf...

A weather page... the cloud and hot air balloon basket are both pockets...

A rainbow page...

A sandcastle and bucket page - template from Imagine Our Life Sandcastle Quiet Book Page....

And lastly, some shoe laces to learn to tie... template from Pops and Podge Quiet Book Page 3 -  Tie The Laces...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Psalm 4 - Peaceful Sleep Quiet Book Page

In Psalms chapter 4, David acknowledges that it is God who keeps us safe.

Memory Verse: "In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord,
make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8 NIV

Materials needed to create the Peaceful Sleep quiet book page:

  • A4 felt background sheet; I used mauve
  • felt/material scraps, velour is good for the blanket
  • embroidery floss (optional)
  • small rope dolls (I bought mine from a dollar shop)
  • sewing thread to best match the page
  • a bed template - I used the Five Little Monkeys pattern by Stephanie of Imagine Our life
Sew a large scrap of felt to fill the bottom third of your felt background sheet.  I cut off the excess mauve so I could use it for something else. You could simply sew a strip over the bottom third of your sheet.

Cut out the bedhead and sew it down, followed by the pillows. Be sure to line it up properly so that the bed base does not allow wall coloured felt to show through, and that the pillows are visible above the blanket.

I used velour material for the blanket. It was from a baby suit given to Tahlia. The velour makes a lovely soft blanket for the dollies and adds a touch and feel aspect to the page.  Cut out two blanket sections so they can be sewn right sides facing out. Use the embroidery floss to add an authentic touch to the top edge of the blanket. Sew the blanket in place to the bed base.

Sew the bed base down to the floor/wall on the bottom and sides.

Put the dollies into bed.


Difficulty Level = Easy.

Blanket stitch is easy, don't be off-put. If in doubt, You Tube it!

Key Learning Areas and Skills

  • Psalm 4 - This page tells that God keeps us safe, and we can sleep in peace.
  • Imaginative Play - The dollies can play at all sorts of things. These three dollies are meant to be Tahlia and her cousin, and her friend enjoying a sleepover.
  • Touch and Feel - The velour blanket is lovely soft texture, and it runs in a grain. You can rub it with and against the grain and feel a big difference in texture.
  • Fine Motor Skills - all quiet books encourage fine motor skills through turning pages, and on this page, through tucking the dollies into bed.

Read the Chapter

Psalm 4


Financial stresses seem to be the focus of this Psalm. They can certainly keep you awake at night. The basic message is that if you resolve to do the right thing, and you decide to put your trust in God, His listening ear and attentiveness is worth more than financial security.

The Easy-to-Read Version is more of a paraphrase, but it puts this Psalm so beautifully, and brings out such meaning that it is WELL worth the read.

Despite my worried nights, He has always seen us through. I pray you have a peaceful sleep tonight.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Up-cycled Clothes Quiet Book

After seeing this "Close Your Clothes" quiet book by Anna of Forty-Two Roads, I knew I had to feed my quiet book obsession and make one. Ok, two of them! This is my version, sans poem, and with a little Aussie flavour.

I made one book for Tahlia and one for my niece Vashti for this last Christmas. They are very similar but a little different in places, so I tried to put the related pages next to each other in the photos, although they are not in the same order in both books due to the page colours clashing.

I thought that a belt would be great for the cover as we could use it to keep the books shut.

These pages feature a bow tie that clips together at the back of the collar. You can lift the collar to put it on and then fold it back down once the tie has been clipped together.

These page features the all popular netball skirt. Netball is very popular in country areas of Australia. Netball skirts are wrap around skirts and are adjustable to to your particular waist size because they fasten using a rail belt slider and adjuster. I never knew what they were called until I started writing this post and had to find out!

These pages feature overall clips/buckles. They are not as common as they were in the Eighties lol

These pages feature press studs. The other activity for these pages is pulling the arms and legs inside out so they fit inside the book for storage (see below).

There are hidden bras behind the tops. One bra has a front clasp and the other has padding which can be rather easily removed and put back in.

The baby jumpsuit is located here so that the baby would have ready access to breastmilk :)

The center pages feature a button-up dress or skirt and hat clips.

These pages feature hook and eye closures. I guess this is not the book I will be taking along to church hahaha... lingerie might be better suited to the car or home!

These pages feature zips. I made sure to have them unsecured at the bottom so the girls could learn to thread the zip themselves.

These pages feature Chinese knot buttons. I think they turned out quite pretty.

The last pages feature lacing. One of the books received a bonus belt clip too. I did find it a little difficult finding two of everything I wanted to included, so the two books do vary slightly, but I think they are comparably exciting overall.

I bound the books using the Skinny version of How to Make Cloth Books described by Deborah from Cloth Books for Baby. It worked OK, but I think the bulkiness of my pages made it difficult. The method is better suited to pages without so much going on around the borders.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Car Travel Dice

Now you can roll dice in your car!

If you are taking a long trip with kids in the back, you can now play dice games...

I came up with a way to make rolling a die in the car easy and at the same time, difficult to loose. We recently went on a car trip, and as Tahlia is getting a little older now, she doesn't sleep a lot like she used to. She gets bored. At one stop there were various gum ball machines filled with small toys and trinkets packaged in small round plastic containers - apparently they are termed "toy capsules". They ensure the gum ball machine will function properly when the dial is turned. We bought one.

As the top half of the plastic is clear, it enables you to see through to what is inside. If you put a die or dice inside, you can shake, rattle and roll your way to a happy road trip! The dice are rolled in the comfort of your hand and no longer require a large flat surface to be turned out on. They also can't roll off the edge and into the Never Never. Of course they can still be dropped, but a plastic gum ball is quite larger than the dice and much easier to find in an overstuffed car.

I guess what I came up with is similar to the Pop-O-Matic function in a game of Trouble. Another re-invention of the wheel.

Image Source

You can sometimes find acorn capsules in gumball machines, which have a flat bottom, and would be slightly better for rolling more than one die. However, you could also use any plastic container you have on hand, such as an empty sippy cup or small kitchen food container.

Acorn capsules - Image Source

Although not all of these will work in a car, and for now Tahlia is happy just rolling, here is a link to a list of

9 Simple Dice Games for Kids for Ultimate FUN

Enjoy your next car trip 😍😃😌

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Vashti's Quiet Book - Front Cover and Crown Pages

This is a quiet book I made for my niece Vashti.  My sister has added her own pages too.  Like most of my quiet books, I designed it to be added to and swapped around.

I used a pattern I found here for the front cover flowers, and embellished the flower centers with beadwork. The leaves from this pattern did not look like hydrangea leaves to me, so I used a leaf pattern I found here instead.  For the lettering, I printed a nice font from the computer to use as a pattern. The beads really made it come alive, hey!

I didn't sew the flowers back to back for stability like I do with most things.  It would take away from the effect, and it's not really meant to be played with anyway.

Since Vashti was named after a queen in the Bible, Mum, my sister and I made a crown with interchangeable jewels to stick on. I plan to do a tutorial in a separate post, as I made a similar page for one of the Bible chapters. Its pretty easy to see what we did anyway.

As a template for the crown, I used this colouring page from We used sticky velcro dots on the jewels, and sewed normal velcro onto the crown. I was a little worried that the sticky dots would come off easily but them seem to be fairly solid so far, and they have had a fair bit of use so I hear. This was Vashti's favourite page for a long time.

I also made a treasure chest to keep the extra jewels in. I used Stephanie's Treasure Quiet Book Page pattern from Imagine Our Life.

The jewels are actually kept in a zip lock bag inside the treasure chest because otherwise they would fall out the sides, but who wants to spoil a picture with that!